Why is there no English version?

When I started working a bit more seriously on this site in Feb. 02, I didn't suspect this would take up such a great deal of time.  Originally intended as a site providing information for German-speaking visitors, I don't feel to make it my ambition to present a site on Egoyan which could be regarded as the international one what would be likely if I provided an English version.  I'm convinced this could be done much better by some chap in the USA, GB, or even Canada.  Another idea which keeps on going in my mind would be to do this work in a team (two or three?), with someone doing the research and another one doing the updates?  But that's only a rough conception. -- Nevertheless, if you would like to send me a question or an inquiry, don't hesitate.

Detlef Eilers (Germany)
September, 2003

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