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There's no need to fill in all spaces. I appreciate honest and serious answers. Data will not be passed on to a third party and is just used for internal information. – Those who consider these questions annoying are invited to send me an informal e-mail or use the box at the bottom of this page.

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for the first and last time
several times a week
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MS Internet Explorer 6.0
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Information concerning the site
All in all, I consider the site
it's o.k.

...the layout:
needs to get used to...
unsuccessful attempt
has to be changed!

Ordering/cancellation newsletter
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YES, I'd like to receive unsolicited news/information concerning Egoyan via e-mail.
This includes info on new projects, new releases on dvd etc.
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The following should be changed/revised/improved:
(more than one tick possible)
more pics
more downloads, e.g. pdf-files
more facts & info about each film
all in all, the layout should be improved
more links, e.g. articles, interviews
How long do we have to wait for an English version at last?!
more info about the availability of his films on video/dvd
the site should stay as it is – keep it up!

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