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(Canada/U.K. 2005)

Official Selection | Competition · Festival de Cannes 2005

DVD Release Dates:  U.S. (R1): Feb. 28, 2006

U.K. (R2): Apr. 24, 2006

Director, Screenplay Atom Egoyan
Production Companies Serendipity Point Films
First Choice Films
Producer Robert Lantos
Co-Producers Sandra Cunningham (CA)
Chris Chrisafis (GB)
Production Designer Phillip Barker
Costume Designer Beth Pasternak
Cinematography Paul Sarossy
Editor Susan Shipton
Music Mychael Danna
Main Cast
(Full Cast & Crew: us.imdb.com)
Lanny Morris Kevin Bacon
Vince Collins Colin Firth
Karen O'Connor Alison Lohman
Bonnie Trout Sonja Bennett
Maureen Rachel Blanchard

Shooting/Filming dates:  Aug. 30 until Nov. 5, 2004 (or by the end of October?)
Toronto, Los Angeles, London
World premiere:  May 13, 2005, Cannes Film Festival

Release dates (theatrical):
Country Date Distributor aka / alternative title
Canada Oct. 7, 2005
(major cities)
U.S. Oct. 14
(N.Y., L.A.)
(limited release)
Oct. 21/28
Israel Nov. 10 Shani Films ??? (too difficult for me
to reproduce in unicode...)
Hungary Nov. 24 Mokép Az igazság fogságában
U.K. Dec. 2 Momentum
France Dec. 21 TFM Distribution La Vérité Nue
Dec. 21 Pathé Films
Japan Dec. 23 Movie-Eye [Compare web site at:
Russia Dec. 29 West Video Где Скрывается Правда
Luxembourg Dec. 30
(Dec. 23?)
Belgium Jan. 4, 2006 L'Elysée
Portugal Jan. 19 Lusomundo Onde Está a Verdade?
South Africa Jan. 20 UIP
Jan. 26 Pathé Films
Germany Feb. 2 Concorde Wahre Lügen
Austria Feb. 3 Constantin
Greece Feb. 9 Ama Films [Compare web site at:
Hong Kong Mar. 16 Deltamac [?]
Thailand Mar. 23 Mongkol Major
Estonia Mar. 31 [?] Tallinnfilm [?] Kus on tõde?
South Korea Apr. 6 Media SoSo [Compare web site at:
Italy Apr. 14 Fandango False verità
Singapore Apr. 20 GV & Festive Films
Denmark May 5 Angel/Scanbox Den Nøgne Sandhed
Finland May 5 Scanbox Alaston Totuus
Norway May 5 Scanbox
Australia/N.Z. May 11 Roadshow
June 2 Pathé Films
Poland June 9 Monolith Plus Gdzie Leży Prawda
Sweden July 14 Triangelfilm Sanna lögner
Brazil July 28 Imagem Filmes Verdade Nua
Taiwan July 28 Zeus www.zeusfilm.com/wttl/
Straight to DVD in the following countries (2006):
Czech Republic July 24? Hollywood Classic Entertainment Pravda nebo lež
Brazil Sept. Imagem
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Distribution rights also have been sold to: Spain etc.

Other Festival Presentations:
July 1–9
Karlovy Vary (CZ)
(Section: Horizons)
Aug. 19–26 Norwegian IFF
Sept. 8–17 Toronto (TIFF)
(Gala Presentation /
North American premiere)
Sept. 18–25 New Montreal FilmFest
(in competition)
Sept. 22–Oct. 6 Festival do Rio (BR)
(Rio de Janeiro IFF)
Sept. 28–Oct. 2 Woodstock Film Festival
(Closing Night Film)
Oct. 11–22 Flanders IFF Ghent (BE)
(Festival preview /
Out of competition)
Oct. 19–Nov. 3 London Film Festival
("Film on the Square")
Oct. 21–Nov. 3 São Paulo IFF (Mostra)
Oct. 26–30 Hof IFF (GER)
(German premiere on Oct. 28)
Nov. 4–17 Johannesburg IFF (ZA)
Nov. 8–13 Braunschweig IFF (GER)
(Brunswick IFF)
("New International Cinema")
Nov. 9–19 Cardiff Screen Festival
(Welsh premiere)

[Ljubljana FF (Nov. 10–24):
Film was omitted from programme]
Nov. 11–20 Capetown World
Cinema Festival
("A Disparate World")
Nov. 13–19 Cinénygma
(Luxembourg IFF)
(Clôture / Closing on Nov. 18)
Nov. 24–Dec. 11 Tallinn Black Nights FF
("Focus on Canada")
Feb. 4–11
Noveno Festival Internacional
de Cine de Punto del Este
March 6–19 Canadian Film Festival (HK)
April 1–16 Int'l Istanbul Film Festival (TUR)
(Akbank Galas)
April 6–9 Film Festival Maastricht (NL)
May 5–June 8 Fransk Filmfestival (SWE)
(Stockholm French Film Festival)
June 24–July 9 Taipei Film Festival (TW/TPE)
(Closing Film)
Dec. 15–23
Chennai IFF (IND)
Official site: wherethetruthliesfilm.com
(The site is no longer available!)
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  [...] Where the Truth Lies is a sumptuous and seductive film noir that explores the dark, decadent side of fame, fortune, and success.
Set in the seemingly innocent 50's, the film centers around legendary showbiz duo Lanny (Kevin Bacon) and Vince (Colin Firth) America's most beloved entertainment team. When a dead beauty turns up in their hotel suite after a top-rated televised performance, their reputations are sullied but, thanks to rock-solid alibis, neither is charged with a crime. With their friendship and partnership in tatters, they manage to salvage separate careers. Years pass, with neither speaking to other, or to anyone else, about the girl's mysterious death.
In the far less innocent 70's, up and coming writer Karen O'Connor (Alison Lohman), decides to turn this cold case into a hot story and begins to ferret out the facts behind this fabled showbiz split. Her investigation leads to involvement, with both Lanny and Vince, and what she finds is a serpentine, shocking tale of talent and treachery, love and lust, buried truths and betrayed trust.
(from: Press release Aug. 31, 2004, www.cnw.ca)